Your Charter School Real Estate Team

Mission Statement
Many New Yorker’s will agree: choice is a good thing. For thousands of parents and students, charter schools provide high-quality options for education in neighborhoods where local public schools fall short.
At Schoolhouse NYC, we partner with charter schools across the city to secure comfortable, accessible facilities. Our mission is to promote education reform through charter schools and make an excellent education the easy choice for New York City school students and parents.
We believe in and support the visionary ideas of today’s charter school leaders and want to help the next generation of educators, and most importantly, students, reach their goals. We imagine a city where all those who value education reform can find the right space for their school to grow and their students to thrive. 

As a charter school, you have a powerful model, with the teachers, methodologies, and passion to succeed. Perhaps what’s missing is a place to teach. That’s where we come in.

Schoolhouse NYC is the premier NYC real estate brokerage dedicated exclusively to charter schools. Leveraging decades of experience in charter school and real estate law, we’re uniquely positioned to place your school in the right space.

Whether your school is in its infancy or needs room to grow, we help you find an ideal property, communicate with the landlord, and negotiate the entire deal from start to finish. We’ll also connect you with our network of financers and service providers, depending on your needs.

To find the ideal location for your charter school, contact Schoolhouse NYC today.